<strong>Karen Lang, LMT, CNC</strong>

Karen Lang, LMT, CNC

Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Karen was raised on a family farm. She spent most of her life there growing small grains, maintaining a cow/calf operation and raising buffalo. She became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2000 and still currently practices, specializing in Neuromuscular and Deep Tissue.

In 2011 she began her studies in at Ulan Nutritionals in Clearwater, Florida to become certified in clinical nutrition and has been trained to mastery level in Nutrition Response Testing.

Karen has a degree from Trinity School of Natural Health in Nutritional Counseling. She is also a Certified Nutrition Coach.

Karen's Personal Testimony

My own journey to health began in 2005 while living in Alaska. I was wanting to change my diet but being the German I am, I did not know where to begin. My diet consisted of lots of sugar, candy and processed food along with the produce I raised in my large garden – thank goodness I had that!

In Alaska, I ate the fish I caught and along with lots of veggies. I began to feel better and dropped a few pounds as well. That piqued my interest in health and I asked questions of people who seemed to know what to eat. With that knowledge, I started reading more books about health and experimenting with new healthier recipes.

I have suffered with eczema on my hands for 35+ years. Lots of doctoring and different creams and concoctions barely kept it manageable. Not finding answers in traditional medicine, I turned to alternative healing. In 2011 I was tested nutritionally for the first time and, quite frankly, I was a mess! The recommendations from my Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner were to gradually eliminate grains (especially wheat), dairy and sugar from my diet.

I started by cutting back on cereal and bread in the morning for breakfast. Much to my surprise, I quickly began to feel better. I actually had energy all day long and my hands began to clear up. Well now. I am excited! What else can I eliminate from my diet?

Next was dairy. I love cheese and ice cream. Well, I'm happy to report I rarely eat dairy. If I want ice cream I make coconut milk ice cream and enjoy every bit of it and don't feel guilty about eating it because I know what is in it. I also read labels now and don't even bring things into my house I shouldn't be eating. I have discovered so many wonderful recipes without sugar and junk.

Looking back on my life, I can clearly see how my ill health began as a young child. I had chronic earaches, pneumonia, bronchitis, and the flu several times a year. I had colds and periods of just not feeling good and lacking energy.

I was fortunate to have mentors in my life to help me on this journey to restore my health. It was only when I began attending school in Florida to become a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner that I finally realized any symptom in the body can be handled nutritionally.

My goals are to educate and empower as many people as I can to take control of and restore their health without the use of drugs or surgery; and to make people aware of how the foods we eat can be the deciding factor between health and illness and disease.

Changing your diet is so worth the effort to restore your health and live life to the fullest. May you never be the same!

I opened my own practice May 1st, 2014 where I offer Nutrition Response Testing and Massage Therapy.