Why we offer coaching services:

Most people have lost their way trying to navigate through the wealth of information available concerning diets, nutritional supplements, what to eat, what not to eat, and what my body requires to function well. And, after much effort and a significant investment of time and money, many people are often no closer to achieving their health & wellness goals.

We believe anyone can improve their quality of life if given the right tools.

A high percentage of the population are suffering with digestive issues (bloating, gas, heartburn, malabsorption, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, GERD, etc.) that are a chronic barrier to improving health. If the body is unable to digest and properly absorb the nutrition you are feeding it, it does not have the resources it needs to do what it was designed to do – that is, heal, rebuild and strengthen the body's immune system.

We offer coaching services because we want to empower our clients to take control of their own health. We have a passion to coach, teach and mentor our clients to utilize the knowledge they will learn from us about how the body works and how to cooperate with our amazing body, the greatest machine on earth, to allow it to heal and to allow us to live effectively and carry out our purpose with a functional/healthy body.

Designing a custom nutrition program just for you:

Designing a custom nutrition program just for you:

Each one of us has very specific nutritional needs. When we work together with you to design a custom nutrition program for you, it will give clarity and manageability to your wellness program and take the guesswork out of how to fuel your body.

What happens during your coaching session?

You identify your health goals and we will work together with you to identify any obstacles preventing you from achieving those goals, (ie, cravings, not sure of what to eat, demands on your time, loss of motivation, lack of support, etc.)

Because coaching is "action oriented" we will guide and support you to implement strategies which will empower you to go forward. We will educate you on what it means to eat a whole food diet and provide resources to make the transition to healthy eating doable. We will help you find a way to simplify your approach to achieving wellness and balance in your life.