Roberta Spitzer, CWC, LSH

Roberta Spitzer, CWC, LSH

Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Roberta has been utilizing natural therapies and has had a passion for nutritional healing for over 28 years. She was raised on a farm in North Dakota and then completed an enlistment in the military, serving in the U. S. Army as an Intelligence Analyst. She attended college for Small Business Management.

Roberta has four beautiful children and one granddaughter. She home schooled her children for 10 years before deciding to pursue a career in natural therapies and wellness coaching. Roberta attended Ulan Nutritional Systems school in Clearwater, Florida for Advanced Training in Nutrition Response Testing. She completed her foundational studies for life coach training at the Institute of Life Coach Training and further completed the Professional Practices Courses at the Academy 4 Coaching. She finished her requirements to become a Certified Wellness Coach and Licensed Spiritual Healer at the Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute.

Roberta has a tremendous passion and purpose to inspire others to overcome obstacles that are preventing them from living their lives healthfully. She takes great pleasure in coaching, teaching, mentoring and supporting those who want to improve their quality of life by taking control of their own health and becoming the best possible versions of themselves.

Roberta's Personal Testimony

My journey to health by means of nutritional healing began in my middle twenties. I had a miscarriage during my first pregnancy, which shook me enough to prompt me to seek out information regarding my own health and wellness.

I discovered that my lifestyle up until that point greatly contributed to the current status of my health. Although I grew up on a farm and had home-grown produce and meats, I also ate a lot of sugar in the form of everyday desserts, ice cream and candy. We ate lots of canned food also, as that was considered a convenience touted as "healthy" by the media. My Mom baked fresh bread and baked goods every week, but used refined white flour and sugar. I was a sugar/carb addict.

For over 20 years after my miscarriage I diligently pursued whole foods for my family. I had three home births and utilized nutrition and medicinal herbs to keep myself and my family healthy. In my early 40's, I endured some significant losses in my life and became weary and veered off my path of eating whole food and consumed more refined and sugar foods. I also got an anti-depressant to deal with my depression & chronic loss of appetite.

After 2 years of using the anti-depressant, several side effects manifested: extreme fatigue, nausea, memory loss, loss of appetite, emotional numbness and—you guessed it—depression. I felt in every way that I had some sort of brain damage. I became more malnourished as time went on which perpetuated the cycle of depression, fatigue, headaches and a hormone imbalance that made my quality of life just equal to survival.

I knew I needed to find a natural solution to my health crisis. I was led to my Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Karen, who started me on a nutrition program that has given me my life back and put me on a journey to help others attain a much improved quality of life. I genuinely believe there is a natural treatment for all illness and disease, and if we give our bodies the nutrients it requires it will heal in seemingly miraculous ways.

Thus began my journey to become a practitioner myself. After many hours of study and many more miles to Ulan Nutritional School in Florida, I am so thrilled to be able to help others find solutions to their health and wellness needs without the use of drugs or surgery.

Since starting my nutrition program two years ago, I have had tremendous results with resolving health issues. I have never had a loss of appetite since I started my nutrition program. The depression is not a chronic problem and is managed very well by my nutrition program. I have amazing energy, like I did in my early twenties; my allergy symptoms are almost non-existent. I had sciatic pain for 18 years and it is now a non-issue. I have very few sugar cravings. I had very dry/irritated eyes for many years, and that has been resolved. I had canker sores my entire life and they too are almost non-existent.

Anxiety had been a constant companion for me and is no longer a chronic symptom. The memory loss has greatly improved and I don't have that panicky feeling that I'm forgetting something anymore.

The body is a truly amazing machine. It has a tenacious desire to heal, repair and keep our immune system healthy and strong. With the right support and protection from toxic substances, the body will serve us well for an entire lifetime.

The program of Nutrition Response Testing is an age-reversal program. We do not have to lose our health as we get older. I am living proof, as I feel younger now than I have for years. I have a passion for life that I've never had before.

Besides all the physical benefits I've received on this wellness journey, the emotional health that has been given to me is such an incredible gift. So much of mental illness, depression, ADHD, anxiety, etc. is due to deficient nutrients in the body or heavy metals on the brain which manifests in severe emotional stress. With Nutrition Response Testing we can determine what is stressing the body and handle that with whole-food supplements to give the body the best opportunity to heal.

Robert Spitzer, CWC, LSH
Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

"We have been given the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well!"