<strong>GROUP COACHING</strong>


Wake Up To Life Wellness Coaching

Facilitated by Roberta Spitzer, CWC, LSH

Group Coaching is an interactive, personable approach to change that can create momentum, accountability and success in any area of your life you choose to focus on. Each group coaching class is limited to five participants and will involve peer interaction and support with like-minded individuals. It will also offer accountability and the rewards of a changed life.

Discover what is holding you back and what is contributing to your overall lack of health and wellness.

Wellness is all about living well in a very conscious way. That can include any area of your life.

Group Sessions are scheduled one per week for four weeks. Group Sessions can be extended as requested by the group.

In addition: One on one interaction with Roberta through emails, short phone calls or texts throughout your four week sessions. Personal coaching sessions can also be scheduled at a discounted rate for group members.

Benefits of Group Coaching:

Increased probability of achieving goals

Each participant finds that the likelihood of reaching or surpassing his/her desired goals is significantly enhanced through a group coaching experience. This is due to the energy created, experience, ideas and solutions shared, as well as the support provided through the group. It is much easier to progress with a group than on one's own.

Enriching relationships - Expanding social capital

People who come together to work on similar goals are willing to learn from others and be coached at the same time. They find themselves bonding within the context of an open, participative, positive, mutually-supportive, challenging coaching environment. Many relationships established within a coaching group continue to develop over a lifetime.

Multiple perspectives

Multiple perspectives

With other people moving toward the same goals, each member can learn from other participants' points of view and immediately use those perspectives to expand their own ways of seeing things.

Resource sharing

Members in coaching groups are remarkably generous with sharing resources. They begin to see each others successes as their own and seek to help the others accomplish their objectives; which reinforces the positive environment set up by the Coach.

Diffusion of stress

Being part of a group whose members are all working outside their comfort zones to grow and accomplish their desired goals allows each participant to relax about any possible difficulties and tap into his/her creative energy and potential. This process diffuses stress and makes the change and growth easier and exciting.

Accelerated motivation

Group members meet together to achieve their own individual goals, but also make commitments to themselves in the context of the group for completing action items agreed-upon during the sessions. This creates an increased level of accountability, which in turn generates increased motivation that accelerates each participant's progress.


The content discussed during group sessions remains confidential. Although discussions regarding topics or practices between participants, between sessions, is encouraged, all personal information/comments remain within the group sessions.



Group coaching is more cost-effective than individual coaching for many clients.